First Toadz on Litecoin

The first collection of 10,000 Toadz registered on the Litecoin blockchain!

4 key benefits

Only 10,000

There are only 10,000 Litecoin Toadz in the world, so there won’t be enough for everyone!

First on Litecoin

Litecoin Toadz is the first collection of 10000 Ordinals on Litecoin!

Winning team

CrypToadz is the 23rd largest collection in the world!

Fast / Cheap

The Litecoin blockchain is much faster and much cheaper than the BTC and ETH blockchains!

In partnership with Litecoin Labs

The founder of the LTC-20 standard and Litecoin Labs (the largest native LTC development group within the Ordinals protocol) are partners in the Litecoin Toadz collection. They have helped us and are helping us to launch this collection in the best possible conditions. We’re backed by the best.


  • Jonathan Nowak
    Its founder is Jonathan Nowak, an investor in crypto-currencies since 2016 (he invested in bitcoin when it was worth $1,000), he is passionate about investing and has been doing it for over 7 years. He is also the initiator of another crypto project called (ICO coming soon).

What Litecoin Toadz can do for you

Promising investment

Owning a Litecoin Toadz can be a very promising investment, the lowest price of a CrypToadz is $1200 (in bear market).

Having class

Own a rare piece of digital art (only 10,000 available) to share as a Twitter, Facebook or other profile photo.

Join 2 communities

Litecoin is valued at over 6 billion (12th). CrypToadz are among the world’s best-known NFTs (23rd). It’s a winning combo.

3 NFTs Toadz

CrypToadz : 1200$

A CrypToadz* is currently worth around $1,200 each!

Bitcoin Toadz : 7500$

A Bitcoin Toadz* is now worth around $7,500 each!

Litecoin Toadz : ????$

How much is a Litecoin Toadz worth?

*Warning: Any investment involves risk, and you may lose all or part of your capital. Fructify does not provide investment advice and Fructify is not responsible for loss or theft of digital assets. You acknowledge, by using and/or continuing to use our products or services, and/or by acquiring an NFT (or other digital asset) that you have read, understood and agree to the T&Cs.

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